Dear BMI Parents,

Summer can be a season full of good times and fun memories, but did you know that kids may experience learning losses when they don’t read during the summer? There’s actually a name for it: The Summer Slide (and that isn’t the one at the park).

So, what can you do as a parent to help STOP the summer slide?

Here’s one simple solution! Studies show that children who read four or more books over the summer do better on reading tests in the fall than those who read only one or no books over the summer.

In an attempt to help prevent the”SUMMER SLIDE” from happening to our children, BMI is implementing our very first mandatory Summer Enrichment Program.  Being the School of EXCELLENCE that we are, it is only fitting that we include Math and Writing in this Enrichment Program as well.

Attached you will find a Mandatory summer reading list, writing prompts and conventions with examples, and a list of math skills accompanied with examples, sample problems, and reference resources to assist you in helping your child meet the requirements of the Summer Enrichment Program.

The assignments and skills that are represented in this packet have all been covered with your child in his/her classes during this school year.  We are not asking you to “TEACH” your child a new skill this summer, but we are asking that you assist us in helping them to maintain what they have been taught.

Your child will be tested on the skills and books included in this Summer Enrichment Packet during the first week of the upcoming school year.  Please monitor your child in completing his/ her work and visit the recommended websites and resources for additional assistance.

This is a collaborative attempt in assisting the students, teachers and parents in getting a head start on an excellent 2017-2018 school year.  Thank you again for you full support and cooperation in our partnership with you at educating our children.

Have a wonderful, safe, and productive summer!


Download Summer Review Packets Here (pdf):

Cover Letter (BMI’s Summer Enrichment 2017)

Summer Reading List – All Grades


K (entering 1st) Grade Math

1st (entering 2nd) Grade Math

2nd (entering 3rd) Grade Math

3rd (entering 4th) Grade Math

4th (entering 5th) Grade Math

5th (entering 6th) Grade Math

6th (entering 7th) Grade Math

7th (entering 8th) Grade Math


K (entering 1st) Grade Reading/Writing

1st (entering 2nd) Grade Reading/Writing

2nd (entering 3rd) Grade Reading/Writing

3rd (entering 4th) Grade Reading/Writing


6th (entering th) Grade Reading/Writing