LONG TERM extended care

A student can participate in the program by simply registering and paying the monthly charge.

  1. Parents sign up for Aftercare Services at the beginning of the school year or anytime the service is needed by filing out the “Extended Care Registration Form” along with the “Parental Contact Form”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The Parental Contact form is filled out and turned into the teacher so they will know whether the child is in Extended Care, a Bus Rider, a Car Rider, or a Walkup
  2. All forms are then logged into the Extended Care Notebook located in the Extended Care Area.
  3. Payment for Extended Care is taken in the front office. Please see the “Extended Care Policy” for cost and collection process.

Drop-in care

If you do not need service on a regular basis, we offer drop-in service at a rate of $15 a day. If the child comes into extended day, the entire fee will be charged regardless of the amount of time spent in care.

  1. The parent will need to sign up for Aftercare Service by filling out the “Extended Care Registration Form”.
  2. The form will need to be turned in to the front office and payment submitted for the drop in rate of $15.
  3. While it would be good for the parent to alert their student’s homeroom teacher and student, the front office will personally alert the teacher of registered and paid drop In students by visiting or calling the student’s classroom.
    1. The teacher will inform the student to proceed to the cafeteria in order to be admitted as a drop in student in Aftercare.
  4. The Aftercare provider will greet the student and ask them to sign the Aftercare book to record their attendance.
  5. All students must be picked up before 6pm as not to incur a late fee.
    1. If you pick your child up after 6:01pm, there will be a penalty of $15.00 due at the time of arrival.
    2. For every 15 minutes after, there is a $5.00 fee added to the penalty amount.
    3. You MUST pay this fee upon arrival – NO EXCEPTIONS.
    4. Your child(ren) may not return to extended care until this matter has been cleared.
  6. Persons authorized to pick up student must sign the student out and provide identification. Failure to do so may result in discontinued Extended Care Services being offered to your child.
  7. If you are authorizing new persons or canceling authorizations to pick up your child(ren), notice must be received in writing within 48 hours unless there is an emergency.
  8. In case of an emergency, notice must be verbally given to the front office staff or extended day care provided.