Few schools achieve greater success in educating children than the Beatrice Mayes Institute Charter School (BMI). BMI is a school of excellence and high expectations. We offer students a safe, caring atmosphere to develop academically and socially into well rounded, competent individuals.  Our school takes pride in producing students with strong leadership skills, confidence, and good character. Through our partnership with the community and committed bond between parents, students, and teachers we are successful in developing students that possess the essentials necessary to achieve their highest potential.

Quick Facts:

  • Established in 1966, WEEA is the Oldest lasting African-American school in Houston, TX
  • Curriculum is one of the most rigorous in Texas; rivaling magnet and vanguard programs
  • Students perform one to two grades levels ahead
  • Maintained quality educators
  • Highest school-wide academic achievement scores
  • Achieved exemplary status

Academic Achievements:

  • Over 90% of students pass the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills Test
  • Maintained 97.5% of student attendance per nine weeks period.
  • Low-skilled students are brought to grade-level or even above grade level (provided one full scholastic year of enrollment)
  • Stanford Nine Testing: above average scoring
  • Computer Literacy: Kindergarten  – 8th grade
  • Foreign Language Classes: Kindergarten  – 8th grade

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