Beatrice Mayes Institute Charter School will provide a viable alternative for excellence in education to those who desire a program emphasizing the academic and physical development of their children. BMI Charter School will provide each child an opportunity to use educational and guidance resources for total development by meeting his/her cognitive, affective and psyche-motor needs through individualized and group instruction. It is our belief that any child who will come to BMI Charter School has certain capacities that can and should be used for the benefit of the individual, as well as for the benefit of society. We recognize the fact that these capacities vary greatly from individual to individual, which makes teaching a challenging task. However, we believe that regardless of the challenge encounter, the instructions for each individual should be of such a nature that his/her capacities for learning are developed to the fullest and that allows each student to achieve his or her highest potential.

At BMI, we believe that “What you teach, teach thoroughly.” On this basis the curriculum is built around the four core areas of science, mathematics, language arts, and social studies, with commitment to the development of lifelong skills of learning across these domains. BMI has a “goal-based” curriculum, which allows students to know exactly what they need to do to progress, with a balanced focus on effective, healthy, and ethical processes for meeting these goals.


As important as the question of what to teach is the matter of how to teach. Pedagogy is particularly important because the effective transmission of the basic skills and techniques involved in reading, writing, and the arithmetic operations functions forms the foundation for all further intellectual development. Our experience has demonstrated that subject matter is most effectively communicated when it is sequential, incremental, and allows for practice and repetition. We have integrated supplementary educational materials that enhance our curriculum for optimum results. To achieve TAKS exemplary scores and student academic recognition we must employ innovative methodologies.

By virtue of the diverse learning styles of students, it is essential that teaching approaches/strategies vary to accommodate their learning diversity. An approach that we currently use is individualized mastery learning, one of the most effective learning methods, ensuring that all students have truly mastered the curriculum, not simply completed requirements or “passed.” We use active learning methods in independent as well cooperative work teams. Students engage in exciting knowledge work throughout the day.

BMI sets high standards for the successful application of essential skills for success in all areas of life: academic, work, civic and personal life. Learning is contextual and authentic.