The mission of the Beatrice Mayes Institute Charter School is to “Expand Minds, Build Character and Inspire Community Action”.


The BMI Charter School’s vision is to become a model school for the community by becoming an exemplary school, a school with a city-wide, state-wide and ultimately national reputation for excellence and innovation in academic achievement. To accomplish this BMI Charter School must ensure that its students consistently perform academically in the 90th percentile or above as reflected by various standards of achievement, including standardize testing methods. Another aspect of our vision is our firm belief in the need for a secondary school program that reflects the values and educational philosophies embodied in our Kindergarten through Eighth grade program. The expansion to twelfth grade will allow the school to provide college-preparatory oriented courses and to provide a continuum of services for its students. At the same time, this will ensure that students receive a quality education for their entire school lives. Quality education is defined as one that prepares thoughtful, active and contributing citizens who can function productively in a free-enterprise society with appreciation for the basic democratic values of the state and nation.


Beatrice Mayes Institute Charter School will provide a viable alternative for excellence to those who desire a program emphasizing the academic and physical development of their children. The purpose of Beatrice Mayes Institute Charter School is to provide each child an opportunity to use educational and guidance resources for total development by meeting his cognitive, affective, and psychomotor needs through individualized and group instructions.

It is our belief that any child who comes to us has certain capacities, which can and should be used for the use of the individual and for useful citizenship. We recognized the fact that these capacities vary greatly from individual and for useful citizenship.

Senior Leadership of Beatrice Mayes Institute
We recognized the fact that these capacities vary greatly from individuals, which makes teaching a challenging task. We feel, however that regardless of the difficulties encountered, the instruction for each individual should be of such a nature that his capacities for learning will be developed to the fullest. The report to parents should be primarily an instrument of guidance. All reporting of pupil progress – whether by formal report card, informal note, or conference should be for the purpose of giving parents helpful information in clear and concise terms. Such information will be useful in promoting and maintaining desirable achievement in all behaviors and in all behaviors and in indicating areas of strengths and weaknesses.


The Beatrice Mayes Institute is a state-funded school consisting of grades kindergarten through eight and is fully accredited by the Southern Association of College and Schools.