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BMI a Wonderland Inc. School, is intentional, specific, and unique to who we are.  Our curriculum and methods of teaching are based on internal practices that have been developed and perfected from over forty years of experience.

The results of our intensive and successful approach are graduating eighth graders who have taken high school freshman Algebra, Science, History, and Spanish and read high school junior level literatures.  Even our first graders are able to read chapter books with great comprehension.

We are only as successful as our most challenged student.  This challenged student may have to work a little harder than some.  He/she may take longer to complete assignments and may not succeed at the first try.  But, he/she knows (as do we) that success is based not on one achievement but on an ongoing dedication to staying focused and a continuous commitment to hard work – regardless of whatever obstacles are presented.  Our most challenged student also knows that good character allows him/her to delight and take pride in his/her achievements.

Our students know their worth because we, along with their families, instill pride and excellence in them and support their natural desire to be somebody in this world.